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Nikki Cheek

• Favorite local dish(es): 
 Turkey Cubano and Rum Cakes at Rum Cake Lady, Philly Cheesesteak at Mystic Mountain Pizza

• Favorite local activities/festivals: 
Boating on Lake Blue Ridge, Exploring outdoors like hiking and the Toccoa River, and binge watching netflix 

• Area/Town of your from/grew up?
Mineral Bluff, specifically the Cutcane Area. It's about 10 minutes from Downtown Blue Ridge

• Hobbies/Activities outside of office life? 
I have a toddler so my husband and I like to take him out on the boat on Lake Blue Ridge as soon as its warm enough. Lake Blue Ridge is beautiful and we always have the best time with our friends spending the day on the water. We also like to grill with family regularly and watch football and movies. My family has always had a hunting camp and we all spend a lot of time in the fall hunting and cooking over the campfire. 

• Favorite Local Charities:
Feed Fannin, Snack in a Backpack

• Spirit Animal:
A Panda, since they are a symbol of peace, a gentle strength and positivity. I tend to be the peacemaker in a group and like to always be positive.

• Favorite TV Show(s):
Gossip Girl, Law & Order SVU, Gunsmoke, Friends 

• Favorite Magazine(s)/Book
Vogue, The Bible, and any home goods magazines! 

• Year Started at Mountain Top Cabin Rentals?

• How do you describe working at Mountain Top Cabin Rentals and what sets our company a part?
 Mountain Top Cabin Rentals is a great place to work! We are not just co-workers, we're family. We all enjoy hanging out and making new memories every year outside of work, too.