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Tabetha Burger
Managing Owner

• Favorite local dish(es): 
Black Sheep Wedge Salad, Harvest on Main Salmon, Cheeseburger at Sue's, and "The Mystic Pizza" at Mystic Mountain Pizza

• Favorite local activities/festivals:
Blues and BBQ, Arts in the Park, tubing on the Toccoa, Blue Ridge Community Theatre, and exploring Downtown Blue Ridge shops.

• Area/Town of your from/grew up?
Epworth, about 10 minutes from Downtown Blue Ridge.

• Hobbies/Activities outside of office life? 
I love to travel, explore new places and meet locals where ever we go. I also enjoy gardening, decorating for holidays, cooking/trying new recipes, grilling with our family and friends and Pilates reformer classes. I love Sunday mornings with breakfast and family time. 

• Favorite Local Charities:
Snack in a Backpack

• Spirit Animal:
Chris Traeger, Parks & Rec

• Favorite TV Show(s):
Grey's Anatomy, Parks & Rec, and Grace & Frankie.

• Favorite Magazine(s)/Book
Readers Digest, The Magnolia Journal, and any home goods magazines.

• Year Started at Mountain Top Cabin Rentals?
2003 - We founded the company with just two people!

• How do you describe working at Mountain Top Cabin Rentals and what sets our company a part?
We have the best work family and the most positive environment! I feel like the fact that we care about each other and we do shows in the customer service we provide. Our company is special because we truly choose quality over quantity. We only manage what we consider to be the best properties in the area and only manage in Blue Ridge. We take pride in the fact that we are well respected in the industry as well as Blue Ridge.